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Beyond Immigration offers Residence & Citizenship-by-investment solutions tailored to today’s Global Citizens.

Our international team guides high-net-worth individuals through the immigration process of acquiring residency or citizenship by investment.

One of the major benefits of acquiring a second citizenship or residency is the freedom of travel. You can explore the globe, and avoid bureaucratic and visa hassle. This opportunity opens up the world to discover more than 120 countries visa free and become a real citizen of the world.

A second citizenship is a Plan B alternative if you are at risk of violence or persecution. Safety for your family can be found in acquiring in a second citizenship in Europe or the Caribbean. This investment offers stability, safety and many advantages for the future generations.

These investment migration solutions will open doors across the globe for business opportunities and new entrepreneurial options. It gives you the opportunity of becoming a world citizen and expanding on a global scale. By gaining a second citizenship, it may also offer personal and corporate tax exposure possibilities.

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With a global footprint and highly international team, we personally meet high-net-worth individuals and guide them through the immigration process of acquiring residence or citizenship by investment.

Every situation is different. After determining your goals, our experienced team of advisors find a perfect solution to match your family or individual requirements. We instruct and support the correct legal process for obtaining your second citizenship.

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